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myfreecams-communitySo what makes Myfreecams one of the best adult online communities or possibly the best adult online community? I have been visiting the site since 2010 and I have seen many models and many members interact with each other. I have learned a lot of things over these past several years, but most importantly I have learned that people like to interact and they like to talk with each other.

Keys to Success

So what are the keys to success? There is one factor that is important about this online community and if most models understand it, then they can achieve a level of successful. So what is that important factor? Engagement. People love to engage with each other. In other words they love to talk and interact. This is one of the reasons why this website is so successful. When you login not only do you see a model in a chatroom, you also see other members. What this means is that you can interact with the model or you can interact with other members or both at the same time. Other adult cam sites are not so interactive.

It is this interaction that helps build bonds and relations within the Myfreecams community. So if a model learns to engage her premium members, builds conversations and friendships, then she has a higher chance of getting tipped and at the same time build a customer base that will create repeat business. And if you have repeat business then you have a constant steady stream of income each month.

What do other people say?

I have read on forums, blog posts and even within the Myfreecams community that most members and models like the site because it creates a friendly and engaging environment. Most people are pretty cool and enjoy participating in conversations. You will always find rooms that lack the chat or overall interaction. If a model finds herself in a situation where no one will talk, then she needs to find at least one person to initiate a conversation and start building that engagement. Don’t focus on the negative. Talk about anything interesting. People like chatrooms where the model and the members are having fun together.

So if you want to build that online community, then find someone fun to interact with. If you have any comments or other ideas about this online community feel free to comment below.

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